South Park Rangers u15s Blue have been around since they were u10s. We are a team who play for fun and want the players to enjoy themselves. We dont put them under pressure and let them play with freedom. The coaches have a great relationship with the parents, we have loads of team building days for example this season we are looking at going go carting, paint balling and many many other fun and exciting events. We are not currently looking for any players as the current team are great together and we are hoping to challenge near the top of the league this season.

Massive thank you to Intelect who have sponsored us every year and have recently became the whole team sponsor sponsoring us for home and away kits.

Below we have the people who are in charge of ensuring that this team continue to have fun!

Sam Bell (Manager)

Jay Bell (Coach)

Gary Reed (Coach)


Proud Sponsors of SPR u15s Blue