At SPR, safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. We all need to work together to create a positive and safe environment for all of our players.

If you see something that makes you feel concerned, no matter how big or small, please let our club welfare officers know. You can contact either of us on these details:

Sean Vickers – Club Secretary and Club Welfare Officer


Harry Twohig – Club Welfare Officer


If you believe that a young person is in immediate danger, you should call 999 and alert the emergency servicers.

As a club, we demonstrate our commitment to protecting our players from harm by:

  • adopting the FA’s responsible recruitment of volunteers policy, meaning all volunteers who are eligible (including team managers, coaches and the club welfare officers) must hold an FA accepted Criminal Records Check (CRC) before they are able to volunteer with us;
  • ensuring that our parents are aware of and encouraged to utilise the FA’s whistle-blowing policy should they have a concern about an adult in a position of trust, whoever that may be;
  • appointing two club welfare officers as members of our club committee who have completed the FA Welfare Officer Workshop and have the appropriate skills to be effective in the role;
  • recognising bullying as a category of abuse, and adopting the FA’s anti-bullying policy to address any incidents that may occur;
  • implementing the FA’s respect codes of conduct, and meeting with all teams, parents and volunteers at the start of each season to review these.

You can read our club policies and procedures relating to safeguarding and data protections by clicking on the links displayed below. These documents include our Club Safeguarding Policy, guidance for prospective volunteers on how to complete their DBS applications and our emergency action plan for Smiths Dock Park.

If you, for any reason, have concerns about the way in which our club welfare officers have responded to your concern, you can contact the safeguarding team at the North Riding County FA using the following email address:

You can also highlight any concerns about an adult in trust directly to the FA, should you not want to speak to our club welfare officers about your concerns. You can do this by using the below details:

Calling The FA Safeguarding Team on 0800 169 1863

Writing to The FA Case Manager at The Football Association, Wembley Stadium, PO Box 1966, London SW1P 9EQ